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Welcome Cult Film Lovers, Connoisseurs and Sick Puppies ! 21 years on the Net - insane !
For Great Things Lost in the blåst. Sweden's most obscure filmsite Salutes You


Long Day's Journey into Night: Mysterious and fascinating art noir drama from
the talented new Chinese director Bi Gan. Amazing follow up to his masterful "Kaili Blues" and a
hypnotic roadmovie with a sensational 3D one-take - read more on Hong Kong and China Film Page

Saint Maud : Outstanding, haunting, disturbing and unforgettable film debut from
Rose Glass. Indie artmovie, psychological drama and horror that touches religion and philosophy and
with a fine soundtrack and a great performance from Morfydd Clark - read more on Cult & Classics Page 1

Demons 1 & 2 : Two Great and funny italian mid 1980's horror comedies produced by
Dario Argento and directed by Lamberto Bava where people in a 1. Cinema, and 2. High-rise building are

turned into Demons who attacks people and causes panic and chaos
- read more on my Horror Films Page 2


Here i will talk about c
ool film from all over the world, indie, cult and classics. But also rant about Film Noir and
Pulp Fiction, sport, alt. rock and forgotten but great Strange Things. Culture snobs would call it A Plunge into
the Trash Culture - a phrase used by rock journalist Lennart Persson - R.I.P. Maestro. Welcome all bewildered
visitors to this site and let's jump into this glorious cesspool together.
All texts, short reviews and delusional ramblings are written by Gunnar, Strange Things if not noted otherwise

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